Hi, I am Jheelam Dutta Roy- currently a freelance writer based out of Kolkata. I have degrees in Economics as well as Business Administration but chose writing over them to earn my bread and butter as of now.

This is my blog-space to pen down about those ‘things’ that are close to my interest. Though, I will focus more on reviewing tiny eateries in moffusil West Bengal ( and India) that offer lip-smacking foods at peanuts. Describing the beauty of under-appreciated travel destinations is another one on my blogging agenda.

If you like what I write, do leave a line of encouragement. It will surely make my day.


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  1. Anumita says:


    I am Anumita. My partners and I launched Blank Slate Chronicles in October this year. It is a digital magazine, focusing on the real urban Indian; her dreams, passions, and stories. The team is a trio of Feminists, who have promised to keep the publication free of judgment or bias.

    Since our launch on the 1st of October, we have covered an array of different topics and lives. In this time, we have received 11k+ page views and 760+ followers on our Facebook page

    We are actively scouting for partners to feature their published or new articles with us. We went through your website and loved your work. We would love to feature your article on the theme of India, with a reference to your website, of course. Please let us know if you are interested in the collaboration.

    Please do go through and your feedback is most welcome. We are http://www.blankslatechronicles.com

    Editor, Blank Slate Chronicles

    1. Jheelam says:

      Hi Arunima, thanks for your kind words. Your site is really interesting. Please mail me in jheelam.duttaroy@gmail.com for further talk. Thanks

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